Bat Mitzvah

It never fails: the day you have something special planned, like your Bat Mitzvah a blemish surfaces on your skin. Fortunately, applying the right concealer can hide virtually any problem nature throws at us. Read on to learn concealer tips for disguising problem areas.

The first step in getting rid of imperfections is to use a foundation primer all over the face and around the eye area. This will dramatically improve the texture of your skin and allow for an airbrushed look.

Then, apply concealer to problem areas. For blemishes, choose a product with acne-fighting ingredients. For dark circles, use a concealer for eyes. This will cover dark circles and protects with SPF 20. Also, both of these products receive high marks in a beauty product review by women.

Finish your look by applying a lightweight foundation with skin-repairing enzymes , which even protects your skin from harmful rays.