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Make-up artists apply make-up and arrange hair for presenters, performers and members of the public appearing on screen. Some make-up artists research and design the make-up required for a production. This may mean using elaborate make-up for dramas and horror films or using materials to change the shape of a face or create scars and wounds. Make-up artists liaise closely with producers, directors, costume designers, hairdressers and the performers themselves.
Make-up artists are likely to work long and often irregular hours, depending on the project they are working on.Those working in the TV and film industry often have to begin work long before filming commences each day. Full-time or contract workers in TV often work shifts which include evening and weekend hours.The job involves long periods of concentration. Make-up artists usually work indoors in a make-up salon or room, except when working on location for TV and films, which may mean long periods outdoors in all weathers. The job can involve travel.