More on Party Makeup


Waterproof makeup is a must have item for pool parties, even if you’re not swimming. That’s because waterproof makeup is essentially outdoor makeup and can hold up in the elements whether it’s hot, windy or misty. You can even spray on makeup foundation that’s waterproof.

Use waterproof eyeshadow with shimmer in it. Great eye makeup colors for this type of event are gold, bronze, blue, green and light violet shimmer makeup. There’s a blue eyeshadow for everyone. Remember to use waterproof mascara.

Everyone loves to enhance their suntan for pool parties. You can even use a fake tan product to look thinner.


Often birthdays celebrations have a central color theme. If the event you are attending does, then it’s fun to wear makeup colors that coordinate. The reason is simple – you’ll look better in any pictures taken. Here are a few examples:

•If the party has a pink color scheme, then makeup colors that work could include light violet eyeshadow with pink highlights, pink shimmer highlights on your cheeks and shoulders and light violet eyeshadow colors.

•If it’s an evening even you could even line your eyes with a dark violet or purple eyeliner. A mauve makeup palette will also work with this theme.

•What if the birthday party has a black and silver theme or black and white decorations? That’s when it’s time to grab your black eyeliner and red lipstick. When a theme is dramatic then the birthday party makeup tips you select should add some. You’ll find dramatic eye makeup tips are easy to do and will add intensity to your favorite look.  A holiday makeup look is a makeup style all its own. You’ll have the advantage of knowing the theme of the party well in advance.  Wake up your makeup instantly with shimmer. Make sure the color you select is the same color as your jewelry.