More on Prom Makeup

It is also important to focus your makeup on one particular area of your face. You want one area to stand out over the others. For example, the eyes are a great choice. To make them stand out, but still look natural, apply some eyeshadow. Apply a light shade of the color underneath and then layer two more shades of the color on top. Then, blend it in. You also want to use eyeliner carefully, and conservatively, otherwise you will easily look like you have far too much makeup on. Choose a lighter color than you are used to, to create a fantastic natural look.

prom-makeup Alena Klenot Toronto makeup artistFor the other areas of your face, choose appropriate colors to create a natural look. For example, the lips do not have to stand out. Use a lip liner and lipstick that is just slighting different from your lip’s natural color. For your cheeks, choose a color of blush that is just slighting darker than your skin tone. Apply it just to the cheekbones in a sweeping motion. This is where your face would normally blush.

When you keep colors and tones in check, you create a very beautiful, natural look. You will want your makeup to look great on your prom night, so give yourself the chance to try out a few different combinations in the weeks leading up to prom. Remember, this is a special night, so you do want to invest in a look that is stunningly beautiful. Going for a natural, but well-done look is key here