More Teen Makeup

Step 8 -With a thin brush apply some golden shadow to the lower lid too.

Step 9 -With a special brush, similar to the mascara’s comb your eyebrows.

Step 10 -Apply the mascara first to the tip of the lashes then to the roots with a zigg-zagg motion of the brush to separate them. Also the texture of the mascara has to be not too dense to avoid lashes sticking together.

Step 11 -Use a fresh light pink blush with shimmery effect and apply it to the apply of your cheeks and simply blend outwards towards your hairline

Step 12 -For the lips, a gloss looks nice or if you are using a lipstick use one in a natural shade.

Keep a lip moisturizer that is enriched with the antiseptic qualities of tea tree oil and the softness of beeswax handy. Use one which also protects the lips from the sun’s harsh rays.