Party makeup tips are perfect for adding sizzle to your everyday makeup look. It’s a time to wear your favorite bright makeup colors, add shimmer cosmetics and play up your eyes. Celebrations are occasions to show off your new makeup style!

Party makeup tips are the perfect time to add fun to your look, whether it’s shimmer or dramatic eye makeup, it’s a break from your usual makeup style. Take the opportunity to find new makeup colors and give yourself a makeup boost!

The makeup style you wear for a party differs depending on the type of event. Choose your favorite party makeup look or take elements from all three and combine them:

There are two things all of these looks have in common and the best part is that they are easy to add to your makeup routine:

•Shimmer Makeup

Celebrations are the perfect time light up your look with shimmer makeup. The reason for this is that the micro particles pick up the light and reflect it. It adds a subtle, beautiful glow to your face makeup.

•Bright Eye Makeup

Eyes are always emphasized. Eyeshadow colors are brighter and more intense. If you use just one color then try either a metallic shimmer or one with a beautiful tone that highlights your particular eye color.

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