Romantic Evening

Keep your eye shadow subtle. Instead of going for bold colors, go for something softer.  Soft pinks and browns work well for this but sure to blend a lot and don’t go too far off your natural skin color.  You want just a hint of color on your lids. This is the aspect of your look that will seem demure. Go with a striking line.  While your eye shadow is subtle, your eyeliner shouldn’t be.  This is the perfect time to bust out some liquid eyeliner.  Try for the blackest black, and create a wing near the outer corner of your eye. For even more drama, try lining your lower lid as well. Keep to the inside of the lid, also known as the water line.

Liquid liner doesn’t work well here, so try a gel liner instead.

Blush is your best friend.  A dinner date is the perfect time to wear blush.  The rosy complexion will give you a flirty look. Try for warmer colors.  This will give your date a really good impression.

Red those lips! Even if you’re not brave enough to do a full-on red lip, at least do something bold.  This will draw your date attention right to your mouth  one of the most sensual parts of your body. Hey, you can’t beat that publicity!